Dictation Transcription Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Shortcuts

If you already are a transcriptionist or are considering learning how to become one, you will definitely find this book immensely helpful. As the title implies, this book is filled with many tips, tricks, secrets and shortcuts to help improve speed and accuracy as well as valuable information about the different types of transcription, equipment required, methods of transcription, dictation pitfalls and proofing.

The contents of the my self-help books are based upon my many years of executive secretarial, transcription and middle management experiences in addition to 18+ years running my own home-based remote secretarial service business.

My computer expertise includes 25+ years of extensive ‘hands on’ experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, OmniPage Pro, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, Roxio Creator, and many other professional programs.

My transcription experience includes dictation from cassette tapes, digital audio and video recordings. She has transcribed correspondence, interviews, depositions, city council, board of directors and homeowner association meeting minutes, legal documents, seminars, workshop lectures with question and answer sessions, radio and TV program content, research material, term papers, dissertations, patient evaluations, spreadsheet design and data input and manuscripts and plays for publication in print and as ebooks. My self-help books describe in detail many valuable lessons using my own real-life experiences as examples.

This book includes a 45+ page file that lists by category the links to many helpful internet web sites that will save you hours of research. In addition, there is a list with URL links to over 125 mostly FREE online ad sites to list your business. This list will also save you many hours of research.

There are many helpful reference charts and lists included i.e. standard proof marks, font character number equivalents with shortcut keys, conversion of font sizes from picas to points and picas to inches, graphic pixels to points and pixels to inches and others.

Publication, in print and as an ebook, is tentatively scheduled for the end of 2016 or 2017. Preorders will be available. I will be posting the information about the publication a few weeks prior.

If you have any questions or comments about this book, please complete the Leave a Reply form at the bottom of this page. I promise I will be prompt with my response.

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Dictation Transcription Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Shortcuts
Dictation Transcription Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Shortcuts


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