Road Rage Dolls

Road Rage Dolls is a full-length novel about a woman, Jeanine Forcelle, whose family was killed in a road rage accident. She is unable to get past the anger especially when the driver receives a light sentence.


The driver responsible for killing Jeanine Forcelle’s husband and two children in a road rage accident receives a light sentence.

After months of physical and mental therapy, Jeanine is still unable to get past the grief and anger at the loss of her family.

At the encouragement of her parents and sister-in-law who moved in with her, she finally joins a support group for grieving families who lost loved ones in a road rage accident. The group consists of five other people and a moderator.

Several months after Jeanine joined the group drivers who had received light sentences for road rage fatalities are found dead in their cars. Broken and bloodied dolls are found in the back seat.

During the police investigation, suspicion falls on every member of the group.

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Road Rage Dolls
Road Rage Dolls

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