Susan’s Stalkers – Double the Fear

Susan’s Stalkers – Double the Fear

Susan’s Stalkers – Double the Fear is a full length mystery-suspense novel soon to be published first as an ebook in and Amazon. Printed publication to follow.

This novel will be the first in a series of books about Susan Sutherland and stalkers. The tentative titles are; Susan’s Stalkers – Safehouse?, Susan’s Stalkers – Mexico, and Susan’s Stalkers – Florida.

At the end of the first novel, Susan sets up a web site to help others who are being stalked. The subsequent novels in the series will be about Susan, the people she helps and their stalker experiences.

In this blog site, I will keep you updated on the book’s progress. I welcome plot and other suggestions in the Leave a Reply form at the bottom of this page.


Susan Sutherland is a beautiful single young woman who lives alone in the Euclid Manor apartment complex in Euclid, Ohio. Her best friend is Marilyn Sloane.

Francine Brand was stalked and brutally beaten during an attempted rape by a violent man in Dallas, Texas ten years before. When Francine learns that after serving only half of his sentence, the man is now free on parole and living somewhere in Euclid, Ohio, she sets out for Ohio determined to find him and make him pay for ruining her life.

Jack Nabins also lives in Euclid Manor and works as a stock clerk in the grocery store next door. The first time Jack saw Susan in the store, he knew he had to have her. He calls, sends emails and shows up unexpectedly despite her strong rejections. Jack has a history of assault and rape and has served time in prison. He is sadistic and persistent.

At a Euclid Manor Renters Association meeting, Chad Callins and his wife Nancy are introduced as new tenants. When Chad sees Susan, he becomes obsessed with possessing her and getting rid of Nancy. He stalks Susan, sends emails and watches her every move. He repeatedly tries to get her alone even though Susan continually makes it clear she isn’t interested. Chad also served time in prison and has a violent and secret past. He is narcissistic, psychotic and delusional.

Susan meets Ted Sandberg who also lives in Euclid Manor. They become romantically involved which angers both Chad and Jack. Chad believes Ted and Marilyn are responsible for Susan’s rejections. He carries out plans to teach them a lesson. Meanwhile, Jack has plans of his own as he watches Chad clear the field for him.

After an attack on Susan, the police are finally involved. What they eventually uncover shocks everyone. What happens to Chad and Jack is just.

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading this book. It sounds like an interesting book. I’ll be watching for the publication date.

  2. Read the prologue of the Brave ‘Lil Cockroach. I like your writing. I also read about Susan’s Stalkers. Will be watching for the publication dates of both books.

  3. I was just looking at your Susan’s Stalkers – Double the Fear post. It sounds like it’s going to be a good read. I would love to hear more about.

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