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Sunday, December 10:  Timing your work for billing or personal purposes.


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Have you ever thought about or wanted to create a journal or book about your family containing stories, pictures, and information about your current family and your ancestors; something permanent you can share with your family now and pass along to future generations? A journal about your family member that can continue to be added onto as time goes on?

If so, be sure to read the 7-part article with instructions about what to do to create and document your family history as well as ideas of what to include.

Posted–Sunday, December 3: Part 7 of How to Create a Family History Journal.  Information about the various ways you can save your book as well as copying, printing and publication options.

Posted–Sunday, November, 26: Part 6 of How to Create a Family History Journal.  Putting it all together ready for copying, printing or publication.

Posted–Sunday, November 19: Part 5 of How to Create a Family History Journal.  Information and a list of things and ideas regarding what to write about… what to include in each article.

Posted–Sunday, November 12: Part 4 of How to Create a Family History Journal. How to organize and catalog all the information you’ve gathered in preparation for writing the stories and articles.

Posted–Sunday, November 5: Part 3 of How to Create a Family History Journal. A suggested list of pictures and documents to gather first.

Posted–Sunday, October 29: Part 2 of How to Create a Family History Journal. Steps and procedures for gathering information to get started.

Posted–Sunday, Octobert 22: Part 1, The Introduction of How to Create a Family History Journal.  I also include the history behind how I came to write this series.


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