How to Establish, Run & Build a $ucce$$ful Home-based Secretarial Service

This book will be filled with valuable information based upon my own personal experiences running my home-based secretarial services business, Tailored PC Documents, from January, 1998 to January, 2018, (20 years).

I will be spending a great deal of time in 2020 putting this book together. I hope to publish it in print and as an ebook with IngramSpark and Amazon in 2021. The ebook will also be published in Smashwords and other online book sellers.

In addition, I hope to publish a companion book titled Transcription Tips, Tricks, Secrets, and Shortcuts later that same year. This book will also be in print and ebook form.

To give you some idea as to what the book will contain, below is a sample of the projected Sections and Chapters that will be in the book:

Section 1 – The Business

Chapter 1 – In The Beginning
Chapter 2 – Establishing Your Business as a legal entity
Chapter 3 – Home office – Physical setup
Chapter 4 – Computers and other required equipment and supplies
Chapter 5 – Computer software programs, their use, purpose and maintenance
Chapter 6 – Organizing your work
Chapter 7 – Job Proposals and dealing with potential and regular customers
Chapter 8 – Establishing your rates, payment terms, invoicing and collection procedures
Chapter 9 – Sub-Contracting Work
Chapter 10 – Building, promoting and marketing your business
Chapter 11 – Types of work/jobs you can do at home

SECTION 2 – Transcription, Typing, Secretarial tips, tricks, shortcuts and secrets

Chapter 12 – Transcription, Call-in Dictation
Chapter 13 – Typing
Chapter 14 – Scanning/Converting printed documents to text
Chapter 15 – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar tips
Chapter 16 – Formatting a book for publication and/or printing
Chapter 17 – Using Microsoft Word
Chapter 18 – Using Microsoft Excel
Chapter 19 – Using PaperPort
Chapter 20 – Using Adobe Acrobat
Chapter 21 – Miscellaneous other tips, secrets and shortcuts

SECTION 3 – Appendices

Appendix A – Web Site Addresses
Appendix B – Income and Expense Tables
Appendix C – Calendars
Appendix D – Reference Materials
Appendix E – Miscellaneous frequently uses forms


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