How to Record Meetings and Seminars for Transcription. Working With a Transcriptionist

This book was originally published in March, 2013 as an ebook in The book was updated and reprinted in August of 2016. It is a “must have” if you are planning to make a recording for legal, publication and/or record-keeping purposes. Below is the link to this book in Smashwords:  Smashwords – How to Record Meetings and Seminars for Transcription. Working With a Transcritionist

The purpose of this book is to assist anyone who needs to record an important meeting, seminar, presentation, interview, speech, or dictation that will later be transcribed. Each topic is filled with information and examples followed by suggestions.

There is valuable information regarding the best type of recorder to purchase for your specific recording purpose. You’ll learn about the different types of recorders, tapes, size, speeds, and how to use them properly for maximum benefit.

There is information about optional additional equipment that can be purchased.

The book contains information about digital recorders and how a recording is stored in digital files and memory (internal and memory cards) as well as information regarding uploading digital recordings to a computer for transcription.

There is also a list in the book of what to ask your transcriptionist and the information you should be ready to provide.

Throughout the book, you’ll find links (URLs) to internet sites containing additional specific and detailed information on various topics.

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