The Brave ‘Lil Cockroach

As of August, 2019, this short story is about done. I hope to finish it and publish the story as a free to download ebook in Smashwords sometime in 2020.

I plan to complete six short stories and publish them all in one book to be titled, The Great ‘Lil Escapes.

The six short stories will be titled as follows:

#1 – A Box of Tissues, 2 Rolls of Toilet Paper, and a Plastic Bottle of Water (Published in June, 2016 as a free to download ebook in  For a synopsis of this ebook, you can find it in the page for this story in this site.
#2 – The Brave ‘Lil Cockroach
#3 – The Fire Escape
#4 – Give That Dog a Bone
#5 – Spiders, Roaches, and Rats; Oh My!
#6 – Yet to be named

Below is a synopsis of The Brave ‘Lil Cockroach:

While on vacation in Las Vegas Amanda and Lillie, two coeds from the University of South Florida in Tampa find themselves kidnapped and imprisoned in a cell. Their fate is unknown until an unlikely ally comes to their aid.


If you’re interested in receiving advance notice of the publication either check back with this site or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

Gail  S. White