Road Rage Dolls: Someone is Murdering Road Rage Drivers

Progressive segments of Road Rage Dolls: Someone is Murdering Road Rage Drivers were posted in for the National Novel Writing Month event every day November 1st ending November 30th.  On November 30th, I passed the goal of the event to write 50,000 words during the month of November. I wrote 66,310 words and finished the novel.

Road Rage Dolls: Some is Murdering Road Rage Drivers is a full-length mystery/suspense novel. I hope to publish this novel in 2020 first as an ebook.  The printed version of the novel will be on sale in Amazon and other sites to be listed here.

Below is a synopsis of Road Rage Dolls:

“Jeanine Forcelle’s husband and two children are killed in a road rage accident where Jeanine herself is severely injured.

After months of physical and mental therapy, Jeanine is still unable to get past the grief, depression, and anger at the loss of her family.

At the urging and encouragement of her parents- and sister-in-law Gloria, Frank’s sister who moved in with Jeanine, she finally agrees to join a support group with Gloria for grieving families who have lost loved ones and/or someone close to them were severely injured in a road rage accident.

Shortly after Jeanine joins the grief therapy group, drivers released from prison on parole are found dead in their cars slumped over the steering wheel. The windshield is smashed and smeared with what looks like blood to make it appear as though the driver’s head hit the windshield.

In each case, mutilated, broken, and bloodied dolls are found in the passenger seat.

During the police investigation of these and subsequent murders of road rage drivers, suspicion falls on every member of the grief therapy group including Jeanine and Gloria.”


You will be able to purchase this novel some time in 2020 or 2021. The book will be published in print and as an ebook through BookBaby and Amazon.

If you’re interested in receiving advance notice of these publications, bookmark this site and check back You can also leave me comment, question or suggestion below. I’d love to hear from you.

Gail S. White

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