Go Marvin! You Can Make It

Today is Marvin Mouse’s birthday. As he sits in Farmer Jack’s cornfield nibbling on an ear of corn, he suddenly realizes how late it is. He’ll miss his birthday party this afternoon to be held in the barn by his family and friends. He drops the ear of corn and begin to run toward the barn.

Dashing through fields of high grass desperately trying to reach the barn before the party starts, Marvin falls into a deep hole next to a tree in front of the barn.

He calls out, but his small squeaky voice cannot be heard by anyone in the barn. He struggles in vain to climb out of the hole. It’s too deep. Discouraged, he sits down with his head in his paws.

Meanwhile, his sister Marcia, his brother Melvin, and his friends in the barn are wondering where Marvin is.

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